Drugs can enter our body through various means either by food or direct consumption. They may be beneficial or harmful to our bodies. Screening of people to check for any drug can be avoided. To ensure our bodies are safe we need to carry out drug test to ensure that our bodies are free from toxic metabolites. There are different methods of carrying out drug test, the methods may not be necessary the major factor is passing the test.

Flush Yourself Out

The suitable method for passing drug test method is by removing metabolites from your body, it’s easy and cheap method as urine is used to test metabolites in your body. You drink to drink a lot of water and fluids before taking the test this will dilute the content of drug in body and in urine. Water act an important role in changing the color of urine and expelling out drugs from the body. Be careful with amount of water you drink too much water may cause intoxication and make you sick.

Use a Diuretic

Diuretics are used to help the body remove water and metabolites and some people use to reduce weight. They can also help you pass a urine test upon screening. Certain prescription drugs and pills are natural diuretics, but may not be effective.

Collect Your Urine Mid or End-Stream

When collecting urine sample for testing do not collect the first urine sample as they are usually more concentrated urine with drugs. Release the first sample and collect the mid-stream as the mid-stream urine are less concentrated and contain few metabolites. Also try to urinate several times in the morning before the test to remove much metabolites from your body.

Use Cranberry Juice

Cranberry is also a natural diuretic, which means it will help flush your body faster than water,

But it may not be as effective as real diuretics. Carry berry is effective in reducing content and concentration of drugs are low and can not be detected.

Adding vitamin B2 and B12 to mixture of water.

Using vitamin B in drinks as method of flushing is an effective way or removing metabolites from the body. Mix the vitamins with water and take as means of changing urine to normal pale color from clear.

While the methods above are used quite often by people who want to pass a drug test, they are not effective. It’s advisable to follow the standards methods and those that are accepted in order to pass the drug test.


Passing a drug test is getting harder by the day. The current technology is so advanced that it can detect even the slightest traces of drugs in your body. However, drug users still find ways of cheating drug tests. Here are some five ways you may use to fool a drug test.

  • Substituting your urine

This is the most common technique used by drug users. It often gives a consistent rate of success. Generally, the donor provides urine that is not his it may be from a friend, relative or just another person. This kind of urine usually may also come from concentrate. Powdered urine from online stores which is then mixed with water may also be used to replace urine. The biggest challenge, however, is in keeping the urine warm. Experts can easily tell a fake urine sample especially if it’s too hot or cold. You may buy pocket warmers to keep the urine warm.

  • Diluting the sample

Normally, a urine sample is the most common sample used for testing drug utilization in the body. A dilute specimen has a higher than average water content. The purpose here is to reduce the drug levels in the sample. Laboratories tend to have certain cut-off points where samples results are marked negative of any drug traces even when a drug is detected. Sometimes, one may be oblivious of diluting the sample for example when a person takes lots of fluid thus diluting urine concentration.

The technique, however, does always guarantee negative results for cheating drug users. Such users will only pass the test if pure water is directly added to the urine sample.

  • Altering a sample

Here, the drug user adds certain chemicals to the sample (urine) to hide the presence of drugs. Such compounds are quickly detected by lab equipment making the sample be flagged as adulterated. Examples of chemicals used for doping are salt, eye drops, bleach and soap.

  • Taking vinegar

Vinegar is known to reduce the amount of pH of urine. Thus, cheaters may drink vinegar before providing a urine sample. The lab equipment automatically detects tampering of the sample. The technique, however, requires the cheater to drink a sufficient amount of vinegar which may cause a violent diarrhea.

  • Using commercial screens

Products such as Goldenseal and Quick Kleen are known to help alter samples. Such products are known to do more than dilute or alter the sample. Using any of the products flags the sample as tampered with

Note that advanced lab equipment detects samples tampered with or samples that are not from the donor. As such, the techniques do not always guarantee positive results.